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2016-08-03 - Calgary, Alberta
lost the feed
"we've only got three hundred feet to go ..."
I'm staring to wonder if maybe they only rehearsed 5 or 6 songs from MMP for the tour. Or maybe they're saving the rest of them for Ontario? Not that I'm complaining. I'm more than happy to hear Machine every single night. This song kicks so much ass. It's already an instant Hip classic IMO.
Hip are scoping for machine:
that tight formation on Machine is awesome, they are just rocking it
"Machine" is really, really good. I hope they play most if not all of the new record by the time the tour is up but if not, we are very fortunate to hear what we have. These new songs are great.
yeah right Thugs and Greasy back to back... unreal!
I think it's safe to say that there are only a few songs left to be heard on this tour. I love the format and the set lists . Spoiled for sure by the ability to watch these shows. It's the tour we have been waiting for. But the time they had to rehearse and gords condition... I can't see them busting out anything surprising . Only a handful of songs from the new record is an indication in my opinion. I know everyone wants Kingston to be the holy grail and it just might. But I just don't see it happening in terms of changing up what they have been rotating so far.
They may be "promoting" MMP, but Im def picking up another copy of DFN after seeing them live, and the kick ass scopes.
It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
canuckeh Wrote:It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Christ I bawled the first time they played that this tour. The crowd response was unreal!
Feels like the right time to post Bob McKenzie's tribute to Gord and The Hip.

Courage. Grace, Too.
Gord seems to be a much different person than we saw at Van 1. It would be nice to keep this ball rolling with a US MMP tour - again west to east coast. FINGERS CROSSED.
IVL makes it's first appearance of the tour! Use it Up!

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