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Winter Tour 2007 - Recording?
01/14/07: Edmonton: Rexall Place: 01/14/07 (Myke HD Video 1080i)

I will be filming in edmonton, assuming i can get in with a monopole and my camera. I don't have the best seats, so we will see how it turns out.

I can be the first person to say this?: anyone want to trade Blu-Rays??. lol.

If i get in, ill put it online for all to enjoy.
myke1997 Wrote:01/14/07: Edmonton: Rexall Place: 01/14/07 (Myke HD Video 1080i)

I can be the first person to say this?: anyone want to trade Blu-Rays??. lol.

If i get in, ill put it online for all to enjoy.

Sounds great, I think there is at least one other taper that has a Blu-Ray burner as well.

I heard from some fellow some tapers yesterday and they said Prince George had signs up saying that you were allowed to tape so it looks like the info is being passed down pretty good this time around.
I don't remember seeing any signs up in Kamloops but there were no problems at all with security, not even a pat down. I had my gear out prominently after getting inside so that I would get hassled quickly if it was going to happen. It would appear they are doing an very good job of informing the venues of their policy.
01/07/07: Victoria: Save On Foods Memorial Centre:
01/08/07: Victoria: Save On Foods Memorial Centre: Tammeh
01/10/07: Kamloops: Interior Savings Centre:
01/12/07: Prince George: CN Centre:
01/13/07: Grande Prairies: Canada Games Arena:
01/14/07: Edmonton: Rexall Place:
01/16/07: Red Deer: Enmax Centrium:
01/17/07: Lethbridge: Enmax Centre:
01/19/07: Regina: Brandt Centre At Ipsco Place:
01/20/07: Winnipeg: MTS Centre:
01/22/07: Thunder Bay: Fort Williams Gardens: Pat (video and/or audio)
01/23/07: Sault St. Marie: Steelback Centre:
01/25/07: Barrie: Barrie Molson Centre: chris (video)
01/26/07: Barrie: Barrie Molson Centre:
01/27/07: Sudbury: Sudbury Arena:
01/29/07: Peterborough: Memorial Centre:
01/31/07: Oshawa: General Motors Centre: chris (video)
02/02/07: Ottawa: Scotiabank Place:
02/05/07: London: John Labatt Centre:
02/06/07: Hamilton: Copps Coliseum:
02/08/07: Toronto: Air Canada Centre: chris (video)
02/26/07: Long Beach: The Who/The Tragically Hip:
02/28/07: Phoenix: The Who/The Tragically Hip:
03/01/07: San Diego: The Who/The Tragically Hip:
03/06/07: Indianapolis: The Who/The Tragically Hip:

Okay it's looking like I will be able to record the show on 22nd in Thunder Bay. Right now I have a JVC mini dv lined up. Still working out some kinks, but this should go off one way or the other.

The last show I taped was a Dave Matthews show in Toronto nearly five years ago and it was a brutal result. I'm hoping this is a little better.


So, I am thinking about taping the Winnipeg show, But this is only my 2nd hip show and i am wondering if taping will at all effect the experience of the show at all, I have 5th row center on the floor.
What do you guys think?
Honestly, it may affect it to some extent. It kind of depends, if you have always thought of filming a show, or have liked the idea of having a record of a show you have been at, then filming could make it a better experience. For me, there are shows that I would probably get pretty bored at after a while, if I didn't film.
I had wanted to film a show a long time before I actually did and I really had a blast doing it for the first time. Having said that, I know that through filming, I am not exactly taking in the show as a whole. By nature of having to zoom in etc, I know that I will miss some things going on outside of camera view. Of course, the great thing is that with The Hip, you can use your lcd screen instead of the viewfinder, which does allow you to view what's going on on the stage with your eyes, and then picking out where you zoom the camcorder etc(i.e. allowing you to watch the whole show while filming at the same time). To do a reasonable job you do need to pay attention to what you are doing so because of that you may miss out on simply taking in the show, that is your call. I would suggest taking in a camcorder trying it out and if you feel you can't enjoy the show, then stop filming. I personally love filming shows, but most people don't want to film for the reason you stated.
I've taped 3 or 4 shows along with a buddy of mine (all hip shows) and I enjoyed it, and didn't really find that it took anything at all away from the, it's a great way to relive the show afterwards, and since you taped it, it's YOUR experience that you are reliving....
TTH concert Edmonton, Jan 14th, security searched me, found my camera, i had no problems, i had my monopole in hand and got right in. They must have been told to allow video cameras. Even the signs were covered that normally say no video cameras.

I have some other video deadlines to meet, and then ill get this footage ready for all to see. Might be 2 weeks or so.

Awesome Concert!

everything_is_bleak Wrote:So, I am thinking about taping the Winnipeg show, But this is only my 2nd hip show and i am wondering if taping will at all effect the experience of the show at all, I have 5th row center on the floor.
What do you guys think?

Personally, I feel like something's missing if I don't tape (audio)/take photos at a concert. I love the experience of taping, and that knowing that you (and others) will be able to enjoy the show again and again afterwards. I love the being able to share my recordings with others, and making fans that weren't able to attend get something from the show. Also, I've kind of grown out of the whole moshing/jumping around at shows (I tend to feel a bit self concious about it because of my height), so I figure that taping is the best thing.

This is personal preference, obviously, but no one'll hold it against you whatever you decide to do. You've gotta enjoy the show in the best way you think - and I hope you do :thumb:
Thanks for all the advice!
Im going to the show with a few of my buddies, so we are going to tape it and pass off the camera every couple of songs
Im going to the Red Deer show tomorrow Night I will Tape VIDEO..

Sitting in GG come find me say hello, wearing red hip jersey!!

ok so i'm going to go all out on this, turns out one of my buddies is really into all of the recording stuff and the whole torrent thing, i have a canon ELURA60 (i don't really know cameras so i hope its a good one) so anyways put me down on the winnipeg show for video and hopefully audio
with the canon elura60, make sure you have an extra battery.

My old elura would always die at the wrong time.

I'll be attending San Diego 03/01/07 but will not be taping, but I will be taping Anaheim 03/23/07 and hopefully LA 03/24/07. So a definite confirmation on Anaheim.
Ok, I am going to the Vegas and San Francisco (and maybe LA) shows and have a few questions regarding taping (audio and video).


1. I have a Creative Jukebox 3. What would be a decent microphone to use with the NJB3? I don't have a lot of cash to spend, is it possible to get a decent mic. under $100? I think I saw someone recommend one on here, made by Sony I think, but I can't find the post.

2. For the NJB3 I have read that it is better to use the "line in" vs "mic in", is this going to be possible by just connecting the mic directly to "line in"?


1. I have a Sony DRC-HC40 video camera. The tapes I have are 60 minutes, so I can't record start to finish without at least one tape change, correct?

Thanks for any/all responses!


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