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Winter Tour 2007 - Recording?
i've got row c, bakers side, for London, and might be able to do video.
01/07/07: Victoria: Save On Foods Memorial Centre:
01/08/07: Victoria: Save On Foods Memorial Centre: Tammeh
01/10/07: Kamloops: Interior Savings Centre:
01/12/07: Prince George: CN Centre:
01/13/07: Grande Prairies: Canada Games Arena:
01/14/07: Edmonton: Rexall Place:
01/16/07: Red Deer: Enmax Centrium:
01/17/07: Lethbridge: Enmax Centre:
01/19/07: Regina: Brandt Centre At Ipsco Place:
01/20/07: Winnipeg: MTS Centre:
01/22/07: Thunder Bay: Fort Williams Gardens:
01/23/07: Sault St. Marie: Steelback Centre:
01/25/07: Barrie: Barrie Molson Centre: chris (video)
01/26/07: Barrie: Barrie Molson Centre:
01/27/07: Sudbury: Sudbury Arena:
01/29/07: Peterborough: Memorial Centre:
01/31/07: Oshawa: General Motors Centre: chris (video)
02/02/07: Ottawa: Scotiabank Place:
02/05/07: London: John Labatt Centre:
02/06/07: Hamilton: Copps Coliseum:
02/08/07: Toronto: Air Canada Centre: chris (video)
02/26/07: Long Beach: The Who/The Tragically Hip:
02/28/07: Phoenix: The Who/The Tragically Hip:
03/01/07: San Diego: The Who/The Tragically Hip:
03/06/07: Indianapolis: The Who/The Tragically Hip:

I plan on recording the Jan 8th show using my Sony DAT D7. I don't have the means to do the transfer tho Sad Can anyone here help me out? I would normally send my stuff to any number of my trading buds (mostly in the US) but the majority of them are not Hip fans! Go figure. Please PM me if you can assist and we can make arrangements. That is providing the tape comes out ok of course! Fingers crossed.
I was wondering if anyone can help with how to deal with getting your equipment in at the show. It would appear from what I have read so far that the band is continuing to allow filming/taping on this tour which is good.
I am filming a show coming up very soon. I filmed Calgary on the last tour and it was my first opportunity to film after finding out they allow taping/filming. I planned contingency incase they made me check in my gear and sure enough they did. When I mentioned that the hip allow filming the security guy said "I know for a fact that know taping is not allowed". I knew that was a losing battle so I checked in the camcorder that was in my bag. Because I had planned ahead I had another camcorder on me and I filmed the show stealth.
Shortly aftward when I checked the forum here I found out that people were able to get members of The Hip's crew to help them get their gear back out so they could film the show. I was sort of aware of this before going to this show but I had read that you had to ask for Mark Vreeken and I didn't think that would be possible and I didn't think any other member of their crew would care to go through the effort. Chris, I don't know if you can be of assistance here. Are most venues aware of the policy and therefore, don't hassle you? Or, do you pretty much have to go through the effort of finding someone to help get your gear back for you? It almost makes it more nerve-racking to go in and show them your gear. I also wonder if you get hassled much once you are in and your gear is all set up? Also, do have much trouble getting in with a full sized tripod and if so, what do you bring in as it appears most people are able to use a tripod.
Thanks for any advice that can be provided
Monopods. Not tripods. Never a tripod.

Most of the tapers I know use one like this one from Manfrotto:
[Image: 63dd_1.JPG]

Mark Vreeken is no longer with The Hip; he left earlier this year to join The Carson Daly Show.

The Hip and their management do a great job of informing security/venues of their policy. If you get a staffer that says no, accept it and go to another door. If that is not an option, ask politely to speak with the head of security who can very easily contact The Hip's security/management. From there it should be easy
And remember to be nice, even if the security are being dicks, which unfortunatly happens from time to time. If you act like a dick to them they will be less likely to contact anyone to help your cause.
I seem to remember people mentioning to ask them to check with the hip's security. The nail-biter for me is whether the venue's security will go through the effort to check it out. I mentioned it rather sheepishly in Calgary to the security guy. I know you have to be nice and I have no problem with that. At the same time, when someone says "I happen to know for a fact that camcorders are not allowed", it is hard to feel you will get anywhere. Knowing what I know now, I would have pressed him. That is the rub I guess, trying to press them without being a jerk yourself. I would say that that security guy in Calgary was not aware of the band's policy and figured I was being a schmoe like anyone else at any other concert who would try to get a camcorder in. Anyway, it is encouraging to hear that the band's security/management do try to pass along the pro taping policy to the venue.
Getting a monopod could be a tall order. I will have to look around town in the next few days.
ebay and Henry's are good places to get the monopods... just make sure you get the self-supporting Manfrotto; dreyfuss can tell you of his experience with another brand....
It was all this way and that way, it was all messed up
dreyfuss Wrote:It was all this way and that way, it was all messed up

I hope i will be ok with this one-manfrotto 679B monopod with-manfrotto 234 swivel\tilt head w carrying bag for $130.00c shipped!(thx chris) :thumb: for cam i grabbed a jvc 20gb mg40.i went with this cam as it doesnt seem like i need 30gb to do a 2hr show,and because i got a deal including carrying bag and extra battery for $500.00.not the best set up but definately a nice pkg. for a beginner! im pretty damn pumped for the t.o and ham shows! Big Grin
That's the right monopod except it isn't the self-standing model... if you can swap it, I would.

Good idea on the head... I forgot to mention that!
chris Wrote:Good idea on the head... I forgot to mention that!

:wink: that sounds dirty :wink:
Well, I'm gonna see if I can get that mic that was linked to me and sneak in a small tape recorder (probably dictaphone sized) that a friend is lending me. I just have no idea how I'm going to get it in. If I can, I'm definitely recording the San Diego show.
First... I wanted to thank Chris, Markslog and anyone else whom offered up advice regarding gettting my gear into last night's show.
It was absolutely the best case scenario. I was able to find a monopod at local store so I had that in my hand as I entered the security check area. I figured I would get asked about that if nothing else because it can look like a weapon if you only glance at it. I had the camcorder in my pocket and they made no effort to frisk me at all. Once inside I attached the camcorder because I wanted it visible. If I was going to encounter any obstacles I wanted it to be before the band took the stage. The monopod did not allow the ability to tilt and I wasn't sure if that would be a big problem or not. Luckily it didn't affect things much, if for no other reason than the audience mostly stayed super-glued in their seats. I didn't get seats on the floor because I wasn't sure if I was going to have trouble bringing in gear and I am otherwise a bit short, so I opted for a seat on the side but still quite close. The wild card is whether the seats will be beside the stage or a bit infront. My seat was just barely in front, it would have been nice to get a few seats more to my left.
The one downer for me was I used external mics. Normally that would be good but the audio turned out distorted. About a year ago I got my current camcorder. The first time I used my external mics with it, the audio turned out fairly distorted. I adjusted my recording levels for the next show and it turned out fine. I only used the mics for a few shows and haven't used them for a while. I would have thought the audio would have been fine but it wasn't. It isn't terrible, it is primarily a low-end distortion but it can be hard for me to watch my stuff initially after filming because anything that turns out wrong, it will really bug me for a while afterward.
If anyone was able to get audio from this show I would love to hear from you. I will say now not to hold your breath on this coming out soon as I am very behind on getting my shows on dvd. I like to do fairly involved menu animation (anyone that has my Calgary '04 show knows that) which takes a while to do and I decided to take some time away from doing it as I was getting burned out. My time out has lasted about a year so I have a few shows to catch up on. It will certainly be released, I am not sure when though.
Nobody has their name on Lethbridge yet....

Should I try a stereo mic into a minidisk?, or is it not worth it if I dont' bring in stands and all that extra stuff.... I also worry that the mic will pick up me singing along, which would ruin the tape for everyone....
elliot g Wrote:Nobody has their name on Lethbridge yet....

Should I try a stereo mic into a minidisk?, or is it not worth it if I dont' bring in stands and all that extra stuff.... I also worry that the mic will pick up me singing along, which would ruin the tape for everyone....

I've taped a few shows with that set up, but no mics and they have turned out fine. I'm pretty tall which helps (6 ft 5), so I can just clip my mic to either my t-shirt or the strap of my bag. I just have to stay quiet (not easy, but worth it) and not move around too much - You also have to try and gauge what the crowd around you are like in regards to singing/shouting as you don't want too much (if any) unwanted crowd noise.

All you can do really is try. :thumb: Better that than nothing.

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