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2003-06-21 - Skydome - Toronto, ON
mats Wrote:I guess that's the price you pay for speaking your mind. Wait a minute! That's why I love this forum, you ARE aloud to speak your mind.

Thanks guys. :thumb:


P.S. What if I ended up in HipHEAVEN?...hhhmmm...I've heard that in HipHEAVEN all you do is lounge around all day while Shania Twain rubs you. I'm not sure what kind of Hip tunes or experiences you get, but who cares, you're gettin' rubbed by Shania!

Well I'll see ya, I'm off to Chagrin Falls (no kidding), be back Monday.

I will make a Mats Soup Box forum if you wish :lol:
Glad you enjoy your stay.
I need 2 Kingston Tickets, please help.
Are you stopping by Bobcaygeon? :lol:
Thanks Lance...I'm touched. Smile

No, I'm not going through Bobcaygeon, but I am going through Fiddler's Green! (no kidding - my Hamilton West buddies know where that is?)

Enough outa me...
No, I'm not going through Bobcaygeon, but I am going through Fiddler's Green! (no kidding - my Hamilton West buddies know where that is?)

Will you tell us where it is?? I have been to Bobcaygeon, it is on the way to Bancroft which I love!! It's a cute little place.
Anyway have a great time...while I wait out my sentence at work!
Fiddler's Green -
You go up the mountain through Hamilton on the 403, you get to a point where it levels off and you are on your way to Brantford, just as you get a few kms down the road, Fiddler's Green sign is right there on the highway and it's just down on the left. I get goosebumps everytime i see that's just looks so cool.
But I LOVE Chagrin Falls...
Thanks and enjoy the heat.
I agree with what was said before about the guys playing some more classics. I have been to 7 shows, and three of them (including Skydome) were play-to-please shows. Skydome was particularly bad for this, I think every song was a single. I noticed Gord did butcher a couple of songs, especially Good Life (he just kinda skipped a couple of lines, then decided to sing them after the band ahd moved on, very confusing). Poets is maybe one of the play-to-please songs that I think should be played at every venue, it is incredible live!
My recommendation is that the HIp go back to their "Evening With" nights and look at the classics they played then, I saw them in T.O. for one of their extened play nights and it was incredible.

Unfortunately I was too young to be a fan in the early 90s. I wish I could have seen them then when Gord was really nuts. The Skydome show was the first time that I thought they were not the best group there. Barenaked Ladies rocked, they put on an incredible show that had me laughing all night.

Hope this doesnt send me to HipHell

(I must say, when Gord dropped the mic it was funny. And when he was canoeing on stage, and when he put the mic way down it was genius!)

Thats my story.

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