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The Hundredth Meridian - Going Offline
chris Wrote:
sean.bonner Wrote:Out of curiousity, when approximately should we expect the situation to be rectified?
That's a great question, and I'll work on an answer.

....when I'm damn good and ready to give it.

That's kinda what I feel you really meant to say after that. (just cuz I'm a sarcastic prick myself anyway Tongue )Take your time Chris. When it's back, it's back. Thanks for all you do.
Although I contemplated a response like that, what I wrote is really what I meant. I thought that the solution I originally implemented would do the trick, but now that doesn't appear to be the case. That said, I need to put my thinking cap back on and fix this problem. I think I've figured it out and will do some testing on the weekend; but don't hold your breath.

What if I make it strictly web browser accessible? It will mean downloading each song individually (right click and save as...), but the speeds and access will be phenomenal?
I thought it was like that already. I've always download each song like that. Was i wrong in doing it that way? Was there another way of doing it. Like the whole folder at once?
Corpse Wrote:I thought it was like that already. I've always download each song like that. Was i wrong in doing it that way? Was there another way of doing it. Like the whole folder at once?
Until this temporary shutdown, if you accessed the site using FTP software, you could set it to download the entire site at once if you wanted to. Just grab whatever folders you wanted and download away.
doh! i've been downloading songs individually as well, so i think it's ok that way!
Chris, I like the opportunity to grab the entire folder at once. Saves a lot of time, and the speeds are fantastic as it is!

Maybe you can set it up like Jerremy had, where there was an upload login, solely for uploads, and the shows folder, only for downloads. It would mean that anything uploaded, would have to be transferred by you over to the download folder, but it would certainly give you more control over who does what on the server.

Just a thought...
I guess I'm not doing a good job of explaining the problem. I was planning to host the FTP site on my web server with a remote hosting company. Unfortunately, the host I have right now - the one who offers the best package in terms of cost, speeds, space, bandwidth, etc - does not offer a means to have more than one login to an FTP server. Each login name accesses a private folder and no user can access another users folder.

This means that if I want to upload a file to the server I use the same login as anyone who wants to download.... therefore all of the users have administrative control and when someone is a jackass (or makes a mistake) they can delete half of the shows that were on the server.

I have Jerremy's hard drive, and software so if it I cannot find a workaround with my host, we'll go back to the way it was... limited access, slower speeds, etc...

And anyone who knows me, knows that's not the way I want things to be.
So the site it back online as a web serving site only. Visit <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> and get downloading.

I'll keep working on a new FTP solution, but please do not hold your breath, nor question when it will be ready. A lot of shows will be added to this setup in the coming days, and all shows will be zipped for faster/easier downloading.


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