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"Dante" - Does anyone have a clean copy?
Thanks for posting this tune Chris, I'd never heard it before but it sounds great. :thumb:
It sounds like you all appreciated a cleaned up version of Dante, and I would really like to download the file myself. However, I am currently on a 56k modem which runs at about 26k/s because I live in small town, Manitoba. At this rate it would take me approximately 4hrs and 30mins to download this Dante.FLAC file. I was wondering if someone would be able to encode Dante.FLAC into an MP3 file, to save me several hours of downloading and post it up on the web. This would be much appreciated as all Hip fans should be able to listen to rare tracks equally.
Oh no, four and a half hours? How intolerable! :roll:

Here's your "I just got back from vacation an hour ago and i'm feeling good" present, one AOL-Friendly version of Dante.
I am glad this got bumped. I wouldnt have found this. At Christmas time, when this thread was active, I was on holidays so I musta missed this completely. I took the FLAC of course, and thanks to all sharers!
I suppose the MP3 file was too large to post up on Geocities... The message I got from the link was:
"Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!
The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer. Visit our help area for more information."
Perhaps Chris knows how and where you can post large files (such as the 14Meg FLAC file) then you could try to post it up on there.
I'm an MP3; Save me!
saved....and thanky
Much appreciated Chris. 45 Minutes is a much less painful than 4.5 Hours! The track sounds excellent and fresh, just the way the Hip intended.

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