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They could have had the shows out in a week, and obviously they planned to.

But there was a problem, and it affected both shows. The shows were back to back, with 6+ hours on the road and sleep time in between, so they probably didn't even have a chance to detect the problem in London before they did Ottawa.

This is the first time they've tried to put out shows this fast. It looks like a mistake, in retrospect, to put up the posters....

How do we know there was a problem with their approach? Why are we making assumptions about their lack of resources? The approach seems to have been sound. They expected to have them out in a week. But something went wrong, which often happens when you try something new.

I'll bet on their next tour, they'll have the shows out in a week.
cferneyh Wrote:Some great points HugeHipFan.

I can't tell you how much I loathe Disclive. They royally screwed me with their Lowest of the Low show. The download didn't work.....they charged me for a CD, which I never got.....and eventually they just emailed me the MP3s (despite charging me for the CD which I never received). And even though I'm not an audiophile (or one in training), I can tell you that the sound on some of those files was brutal. In short, unless the Hip or Wilco decide to use Disclive, they'll never see my money again.

I think I need to convince my wife that we need $5000 speakers. Maybe then I'll have a more discerning ear. :thumb:

What's even more frustrating about the Disclive fiasco is that you can now get the Live in Buffalo CD from Maplemusic for $25 Canadian. You can also find it at the merch table at their live shows.
a lot of good points raised in this thread and for what it's worth i have to add my 2 pennies.

this is something new for TTH, to release shows shortly after they happened...regardless of this oversight of putting up posters at the venues, i still think they are doing the right thing...even if it takes a month or two!! things will get better and all we can hope is for all shows to be released in the future, in a timely matter. until that happens i'm still extremely content...why complain?? we are certainly getting a lot more than what we had, before all this livedownloads deal went down.

lastly it should be noted that all the proceeds from the live phish shows goes to charity(not into the band's pockets)...just trying to set the record straight. i'm not saying the hip should feel the need to do the same.
I just checked and the London and Ottawa shows are back on the site for pre-orders so it shouldnt be long now.
Imagine a world before the "beginning was the word.”
Cool Beans! Big Grin

Maybe I should pay for them again?

I've got a TON ('scuse me, a METRIC TON) of work to on the computer over the weekend it sure would be nice to hear those live shows for that!

good news! Smile
I'm successfully downloading Ottowa now!!!!
They also added the London setlist to the london (download page)!
Look what they put for the second encore (no 3rd encore) LOL


jam 2:12
Daredevil 3:56
Scared 5:16
Blow At High Dough 7:42
Long Time Running 4:40
Little Bones 5:17

Also these shows ahve Intros also (most likely just crowd noise) guess we'll see soon
: )
Downloading Ottawa now
London no ready for downloading, also! YAHOOOO
awesome! :thumb:
london show is amazing.

Nice to be able to hear lake fever, and long time running...
Looking at the setlists, I decided to put London on first, thinking this would be the better show. I'm 16 tracks into the Ottawa show now, and even though it is the shorter set, this show absolutely rocked. The band is in such full form.....WHY didn't I make the drive from Toronto?......... Cry

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