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Portland DVD available
I do have one in nero format, but I have not seen it yet. I was trying to get nero installed. Do you have nero, I can send it to you.
Hey guys, I have been trying to get this DVD for over a week now and I'm only at 71% or so...keep in mind I only keep my torrents running during the night. Anyways, just wondering if a few more people could seed the show tonight so I can hopefully speed up the download and finish it tonight?
I will see if I can use another network.
Shaw on the west coast is using some sort of filter on p2p protocols.
It is in test phase and will be coming to an isp near you.

There is also work on an encypted torrent protocol to combat this. Hopefully soon!
Here is a copy of the Nero cover in PDF format,
Thanks to livehip :thumb:
need someone to seed this show ............. its 11/20 4:41 pm EST.
How is your speed now???
just pulled this off the tracker and I'm loving it. Love his mic battle in 100th. :lol:

Thanks for the dvd biga. :thumb:
I was watching this show again on the weekend and it struck me that I don't think I ever thanked Biga for doing such a great job on it with the recording and then distributing.

Thanks for all your work!
Thank you. Smile

I am still sending this out via B&P all over the world!
I am happy to spread the music of the Hip.

I have Seattle also, nothing fancy just dumped it to DVD. I will try and seed later in the week. I did give copies out at the concerts, so there are a few lucky people out there. I think the Portland show was the best I tapped out of that mini US tour I did.


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