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2002-10-16 - Hummingbird Centre - Toronto, ON
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too tired to really post a review, but here's the setlist

silver jet
new o
all tore up
bob c
darkest one
good life
greasy jungle
gift shop
dark canuck

use it up
grace 2

wheat kings

good night!
Another terrific performance.

Here's the setlist, and some bits of the rants. There were many tapers
present tonight. I saw two cameras, front row center in the balcony. I hope
these shows become available.

Setlist In Order (quotes by Gord)
1. Silver Jet - Gord made noises that sounded like Morse code.
2. NOIS - a mention of the dorsel fin, and SWIM! Not to me, But to him,
3. Fully Completely - "With the loyalty of a fruitfly, it turned and left."
The band started out a little slower than usual but picked it up after the
first verse.

4. Chagrin Falls - An amazing extended musical outro.
5. Al Tore Up - The "tonight, tonight, tonight" section was repeated many
times, and Gord was really giv'n it!
6. Bobcaygeon - "I'm in love with a cop, and I ain't gonna stop!" Gord also
sang/said something about the way that dust clings to the air after a
stranger has been there.
7. Nautical - The crowd noise was overwhelming, and the guys in the band
seemed to take note. A little rant at the end about being in the water, and
the damage that a fifteen foot propeller could do.
8. Darkest One - "I know you're here. By the end of the show, I will know!"
9. Fireworks
10. Good Life - "This one's called The Luminus Vale, or It's A Good Life..."
11. Meridian - "Guess what? We're at the 100th Meridian!"
"I remember Toronto, how could I forget. It's your set." Also the life is
forgetting song again, but this time the band totally switched out of 100th,
and played a different song while Gord worked on the lyrics.

I also think that Gord mocked the Queen. He did a Queen-like wave, and said,
"everybody" with a funny accent.

12. Greasy Jungle - "By now you all know, this takes place in a hair salon.
Salon in the basement, family upstairs. It's a Greasy Jungle in there!"
13. Giftshop
14. Springtime in Vienna
15. Dark Canuck - "This is a dedication. A dedication to you Toronto,
because it goes on and on."
16. 50 Mission Cap - "They're calling off the search. It's as simple as
17. Blow - Gord did his best Elvis impressions throughout this song.

Encore #1
1. Use It Up
2. Grace, Too - "You're a microphone. Without a stand. What makes you think
you could make it on dry land. You're a microphone, and I'm a man. Now I've
got you in my right hand."
3. The Wherewithal - " 'course he got out. He had the wherewithal!"

Encore #2
1. Wheat Kings
2. Poets

Here are my Pics from the 2nd/1st row on the first night in Toronto.
Shot with Sony Cybershot DSC-71 on 400 - no flash, 1600X1200

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Here's my video of the complete show: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
How is it copyright infringement if its free trade + YouTube ad revenue Confusedcratch:
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