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2004-07-11 - Wasaga Beach DVD
summiteer Wrote:Any chance of a B & P?

Yes; but not for a couple of weeks from me. I have about 25 B&P's in the works right now.

habsfan19 Wrote:posting torrent on Sharing the Groove I assume?

Ready to jump on torrent. Just say the word..
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I'm now seeding this show. Here is the link to the torrent at STG:
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Wasaga Bluesfest
Wasaga beach, ON
July 11, 2004
Recorded and edited by -chris
SLR Photography by TeeJayCee
Digital Photos by ShannonW


Panasonic PV-DV102D-K > FireWire > iMovie > iDVD

01. Intro
02. Vaccination Scar
03. Grace, Too
04. Heaven Is A Better Place Today
05. Poets
06. We'll Go Too
07. It' A Good Life If You Don't Weaken
08. Summer Is Killing Us
09. Goodnight Josephine
10. Bobcaygeon
11. Silver Jet
12. It Can't Be Nashville Every Night
13. At The Hundredth Meridian
14. Courage
15. You're Everywhere
16. Mean Streak
17. New Orleans Is Sinking
18. Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park
19. My Music At Work
20. Encore Break #1
21. Springtime In Vienna
22. One Night In Copenhagen
23. Blow At High Dough
24. Encore Break #2
25. Ahead By A Century
26. Fire In The Hole

The concert took place on the beach, with the lake less than 30 feet from the stage. A great setting as the sun went down over Blue Mountain.

The DVD features the full concert and two digital picture slide shows.
THANK YOU CHRIS :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

4 gig!!! Ouch. This might take a while.

Oh well. Gord things come , to those who wait!
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Tomorrow I am going to have a buddy, mansized eldorado, start seeding as well. If everyone keeps their windows open, and uploads as much as they download, this will work out fine for everyone!


It's been a long time running
It's been a long time coming
It's well worth the wait
Holy crap, started downloading at 1am, now it's 9:30am and only 4.14% done. This could take a week with an expected completion of 151 hours.... worth it though. Great job Chris!!
Your download speed is directly related to your upload speed. Imagine there are 10 computers sharing this file. When a file is being seeded, my computer sends out piece #1 to computer A, piece #2 to computer B.. piece #10 to computer J.

Piece #11 goes to computer A.

In order for computer A to get all the other pieces (and all the other computers to get the pieces that computer A has) everyone needs to share at top speed.

This is how/why Bit Torrent works!

When people are true leeches - just download with minimal uploading - it slows down the entire process.

As a rule, upload=download.

To illustrate, as of right now I have uploaded 1.22Gb; however the most that any one user has is 995mB. The availability is 1.224 (which coincides with how much I have uploaded.)

Share more = get more.

This is not directed at Jamie... or anyone else specifically. But when I check the tracker: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... st=1#seeds</a><!-- m --> you see a lot of greedy people not Sharing The Groove.

Making this DVD took a lot of time and effort and I want as many people as possible to enjoy it.
Thanks for the tips Chris. How can I share as much as possible and speed up the process? I'm pretty new at Bittorent so I'm not sure of things. I'm using Torrent Storm

Do you know how to make myself share more for uploading and such?

...interesting. My Upload speed is 100kb/s and my download is 15kb/s.

I'll just wait this one out. Smile
Jamie, since I'm on a Mac, and don't have access to that program, I can't tell you exactly how to increase your sharing level. But by searching the FAQ at <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> I found this:

Quote:How do I limit the upload speed?

To limit the upload speed of an individual torrent, enter the torrent properties dialog (double click on the torrent in the main torrent window.), go to the Options Tab, and enter the maximum upload rate in the appropriate edit box.

In the settings dialog is a setting which is used as the default upload rate limit, this is the value given to the torrent when it is first loaded, after that it will have no affect on any loaded torrents.

Try setting it as high as possible.
Lee, you are sharing, it is others who aren't; hence your slower download rate.
Thanks Chris. I've set it to max and it appears to be going much quicker now!!

By the way, are you going to Darien Lake as well?
No. I wanted to, and in fact emailed you about your extra ticket.

It's not in the cards for me this time 'round.
Sorry about that Chris. I guess you told your roommate Darren about the extra ticket and that's why he's coming instead. Over a dozen people emailed me about it and I must have forgotten!!
Haha brother! That humours me greatly!

Chris is my room mate, not my brother.
my dnwld rate is now 0, but uploading 20kb, if i disconnect and reconnect will i have to start over??
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