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2004-07-11 - Wasaga Beach DVD
I'm starting this thread to save my sanity.

As I progress with this project the updates will be posted here.

To help build excitement Wink here are some screen captures.

[Image: 1.jpeg]
[Image: 2.jpeg]
[Image: 3.jpeg]
[Image: 4.jpeg]
[Image: 5.jpeg]
[Image: 6.jpeg]

exquisite shots! Are you interested in doing a B & P for this show, Chris?
Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock:

Cant wait Chirs

Ive got my burner all warmed up!
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Awesome Chris!! Big Grin Very cool shots

Let us know Chris, thanks.

beauty chris

great lookin shots
hows teh audio

i did ottawa but my audio is overloaded,i have a 2nd angle as well

set me up with a tarde when its raedy



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i'm interested in this dvd-r, if it's possabile!! : )
hey instead of trading just put the show on like chris does. We all spread the music out from there and everyone wins
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like i said i will supply it to all
or set up up on torrent etc
no worries there i just wnat it to be the best possible cause the footage lloks graet but i NEED audio,so please everyone look/ask/persue/stalk...i don't care just somebody find an audio for taht show or another video shot farther back taht amy not have distorted audio...anything i'm itching to get started on this one


Wow Chris that looks awesome! The spot you had was pretty good for filming I guess! It looks as good as it did from where I was standing for the show... I bet it'll be a great dvd.
looks nice chris cant wait for it

This DVD is sooooooo good. I'm fortunate enough to be able to preview it as we speak and I feel like I'm right back where I was for the show. I can even see myself on the DVD!

I still can't believe they played We'll Go Too.
As D-Man mentioned, I've finished the DVD, and I will post the torrent this evening. "mansized eldorado" who lives next door is going to help seed. Tell your friends to get on this torrent! It's a good one.

I added about 120 digital photos (from ShannonW and mansized eldorado)in a slideshow, and included the original files on the DVD-ROM so you can use them on your comp as backgrounds, wallpapars, etc.

Any chance of a B & P?
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posting torrent on Sharing the Groove I assume?

I hope anyways so I can get it

and no one found audio for Ottawa yet eh for scooby?
I'd love to get that one too, rather have that one since I was at the show

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