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Paul w/ the Skydiggers
So... with a couple dates announced already...

Does this mean Paul will soon just be a permanent member ... ?
2004-12-03 - Saint John/2005-09-03 - Moncton/2006-06-30 - Charlottetown/2006-11-09/10 - Montreal/2007-09-11 - Fredericton/2007-09-13 - Halifax/2007-09-14 - Sydney/2007-09-15 - Charlottetown/2008-06-30 - Charlottetown/2009-05-01/02 - Montreal/2011-06-28 - Moncton/2011-06-30 - Charlottetown/2012-06-30 - Niagara-on-the-Lake/2013-02-01 - Moncton/2013-02-02 - Halifax/2015-01-10 - Toronto/2015-02-20 - Montreal/2015-07-17 - Ottawa/2016-08-18 - Ottawa/2016-08-20 - Kingston
Pretty sure it's just one gig (according to the Skydiggers' Facebook page), with Paul opening and probably sitting in on a few tunes with the 'Diggers.
I believe he is also playing with them at Hillside in Guelph
Hillside, yes.
Would not be remotely surprised if this became a regular thing, for a variety of reasons.
Musically totally simpatico.
Personally, Gord and Josh were very close, and Gord and Paul were very close, and I can see everyone here being on the same wavelength.
Also, low commitment level on Paul's part; he could come and go as he pleases.
paul opening for skydiggers? where? lol

paul is def playing WITH skydiggers at hillside

in the past i have seen/met andy at gord solo show...sitting in with the crowd of us
and i have seen gord at a skydigger show at the winter/elgin/garden theatre in the upper balcony sitting with the rest of us a fan for sure

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