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Happy 10th Birthday We Are The Same !
The single most underrated Hip album.

When you gonna realize you really have no sense of yourself?
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I couldn't agree more. The Last Recluse and and Coffee Girl are very powerful songs.
Love is a first is just great.

It has a different feel, mellower and less rocky feel than the other albums. I usually group it with World Container and it's the better of the two.

I remember driving into town the day Gord Downie died and the Last Recluse came on the radio. It brought me to tears.
Lots of filler on this record, and it's probably my least favorite Hip album (not counting the EP). But there is some good stuff on here: Morning Moon, Last Recluse, Depression Suite, and Country Day are all terrific songs that can easily stand up to anything else in their catalogue. Coffee Girl is also pretty great.

Can't believe it's been 10 years already. Wow.
You don't just blurt "We are the Same is the most underrated album". I asked every single person, and of all the rateds, In Between Evolution was the most under of all them. #science
ive had few different versions

first one was cd “crate” included 96 cleveland show
and a we are the same tshirt

when i got the vinyl few years ago there was hard plastic download card inside with album cover on it which i keep in my walllet, cuz ya never know

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kleh Wrote:
Even while sitting he can't help but do Gord dancing.
While not my favourite album, I've said it before that WATS has some of the best musical performances of the band. Bob Rock sure knows how to bring out the best in musicians, regardless of what you think of his productions style.
While also not my favourite from the whole catalogue, I have a soft spot for this one - it got me through a real dark time.
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I have a strong emotional connection to this album. It came out just a couple months after my oldest child was born. And the songs I love, I really love them. Morning Moon. The Last Recluse. Depression Suite. Country Day. I even confess to soft spots for Honey Please and Coffee Girl. But the rest is pretty bland and unexciting. And I can't stand NTSHAN.

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Couple of weak tracks on this (and I thought Love is a First was a terrible single) but The Last Recluse, Coffee Girl, The Depression Suite, Morning Moon and Country Day are all pretty fab. This album was far better than many gave it credit for. It was on this tour In Salamanca, NY that I got to pat Gord on the shoulder as he wandered into the crowd to sing. Unforgettable.
I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this album is one of their best. It came out right around the time my girlfriend and I got together. Our first show together was The Hip during this tour and we listened to this album non stop all the time. It still means a ton to us. I know it has a lot of sentimental meaning, but I always thought the music itself was one of their best albums.
This albums got a couple killer tunes but a lot of stuff that I can barely listen too.

Morning Moon is an amazing gem, Last recluse and Coffee Girl. Really like Skeleton Park, wished this made the album
Loved the tour for this album, but less keen on the album. When it's good it's really good, but a few weaker tracks. Over the years it has grown on me more.
chancellor Wrote:This albums got a couple killer tunes but a lot of stuff that I can barely listen too.

Morning Moon is an amazing gem, Last recluse and Coffee Girl. Really like Skeleton Park, wished this made the album

I like Skeleton Park as well. Great tune.
It always felt a bit 50/50 to me. Love is a first, country day, last recluse, coffee girl, morning moon - all classics. Queen of the furrows, speed river, exact feeling, frozen in my tracks, now the struggle all blah. Honey please and depression suite - meh. So, 5-5-2. I *really* love country day, though. Shame that was the only song off that album (along with one of the crappy fast ones) that they didn't play at the 3 NAC shows on that tour.

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