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Happy birthday, Wicapi Omani.
I miss you so much

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The second one without you is no better than the first. I pray the third one won't be worse
- Say Something

Happy Birthday Gord,

Well said Chris.

I don’t typically need a reason to throw on the hip but in celebration of Gord seems like an easy decision
I had a few songs from Introduce Yerself playing the other day...what a genius.

I'll never stop being upset about him being gone.

Though I'll always be thankful for all the brilliance he shared with us.
Paul's tweet:

It's GordD's birthday today. If he could hear (read) me I'd say: To someone who is so loved and so missed by so many, I love and respect you, and we remember you fondly always, this is your day. love Paul xo
I was there
Just threw on the Grand Bounce in celebration. Happy birthday, Gord...wherever you are.

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