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Fire in the Hole Rant
Hey all,

My old computer died and I lost my copy of Fire in the Hole - the one where Good goes on a rant about burning shit down and running away and getting thrown in juvenile detention. Anyone have any idea what show I'm talking about and does anyone have it?
Not familiar with that one, but sounds like a must listen.
Yeah man, it was a great one. I think some one actually gave me a mini disk that had it on there in the early 00s. His rant started something like: "You go east, I'll go west, anyway you know best.... what's the worst they could do? Put us in juvi?" Ringing any bells anyone?
Are you talking about the "burning church" rant? There are several versions where he told this story, but each one had different details and variations. One of my favorites is the version from Woodstock '99. Could that be the one you're thinking of?

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Got it. Boston, August 13, 1998.

Thanks all!

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