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The Filters Live at Muldoon's, Kingston on 1983-01-01
Gord Downie & Bobby Baker's band before the start of The Tragically Hip.

Download Link:

Publication date 1983-01-01 (check for other copies)
Topics The Mahones, The Tragically Hip, Finny McConnell, Gordon Downie, Gord Downie, Rob Baker, Canadian Rock, Canadian Irish punk, Kingston Ontario, Ontario, Muldoon's

01 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
02 Time Is On My Side
03 Just My Imagination
04 Shake Bop
05 My Mistake
06 Kissin' The Carpet
07 Picture My Face
08 Lucy Potato
09 I Can Only Give You Everything

The Filters features Finny (Fintan) McConnell (The Mahones), Gord (Gordon) Downie (The Tragically Hip) and Rob Baker (The Tragically Hip) back in 1983. Recordings are from Finny's original cassette from 1983. Enjoy the history!

Identifier The_Mahones1983-01-01.FiltersMuldoonsRehearsals
Location Kingston, Ontario
Source cassette
Taped by Finny McConnell
Transferred by Rob Gale
Type sound
Venue Muldoon's, Kingston
Year 1983

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