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Gord solo shows?
does anyone have an Gord solo shows they can share? I poked around the archive but didn't see any
I recorded the Secret Path Toronto show, but there is obviously a better version than mine out there..
Oooh if anyone has a recording of the solo show at Jackson Triggs on the Grand Bounce tour in July 2010, I would love that. It was a fantastic night.

June 21, 2003 Toronto, ON: SkyDome
July 1, 2004 Toronto, ON: Molson Amphitheatre
November 26, 2004 Toronto, ON: Air Canada Centre
June 24, 2006 Toronto, ON: Historic Fort York
May 10, 2007 Indianapolis, IN: The Vogue
July 14, 2011 Edmonton, AB: Northlands Festival Site
June 30, 2012 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON: The Commons at Butler's Barracks
January 23, 2013 Edmonton, AB: Rexall Place
July 28, 2016 Edmonton, AB: Rexall Place
found this on youtube


sounds really good!
The old tracker used to have a whole bunch of them. I have I think only a fraction of them, and in my younger, less hard drive rich days I re-encoded them all to low quality mp3s. From looking at my library, I have six shows, all in 2003. I'll see if I can figure out where to upload them. I'm sure someone here would have the flac copies, and the rest of them.
There was a tour that every show was posted on maple music (I think) for sale and I bought a couple but they were only 192kbps mp3's. I think I have them or they may even still be available to purchase.

Found a link, it's the 2003 tour. Would be nice for higher quality but there's a ton here and it's obviously better than nothing.

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