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"No one" and "It's better than being spineles
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Perhaps a mod could make this a sticky so that no one else ever gets confused about me? And maybe this thread could become the lone spot for everyone who's got a beef with me to post their issues, rather than drag down the rest of the site?

It's amazing how thinned skinned some people can be; so much so that my posts could incite them to start not one, but two threads about me. And in their hyper excited state, they put them in the wrong forum... as this is clearly "Non Tragically Hip Discussion"

But I've posted in the "FAQ / Getting Started / Forum News" thread, because "Who died and made me moderator?" is probably a frequently asked question.

And "Chris is an asshole" is probably something that everyone should learn as they are getting started.
Okay okay Chris you got me. I am an awful person, we wont be hearing from spineless again. I actually feel really bad about posting that, I dont know what I was thinking. Right after, I felt really bad because it was just a sensless dumb thing, thats only possible outcome was to hurt someone's feelings (and possibly get allot of people pissed off at me in a short amount of time)
I figured there was probably some sort of CRAZY way to figure out it was me... such as a time stamp... :oops: But I went and did it anyway.
The truth is this is my first real participation in an online forum and I wasn't really sure how everything worked. Still am not.
I realise now that I am the real asshole here.
I hope that in time my silly mistakes, and unnecessarily mean comments can be forgiven... and if you feel like beating me with a Bamboo rod; that is understandable.
Hopefully we can put this behind us, I want to get to know everybody, and become part of the comunity, that is why I posted a sincere "Hi All!" thread.
If I was truly Spineless I would just give up on this account and start annother, but I will take my licks and move on.
I hope I can still be given a fair chance after I so unfairly denied that to others... Chris you have my sincerest apologies

I think we can all agree here and say 'there are no second chances at the Hipbase.'

I say burn the lad.

Lesson 1:
(Sarcasm is pretty much the same on an online forum as anywhere else) :jump
Thank you sir, may I have annother?

...advice that is, I aint joining no fraternity.

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