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Introduce Yerself
Whats do you do? Where are you from? Why do you love the Hip?
General stuff Smile
My name is Lance, I live in Halifax, NS. Orginally from Alberta (Red Deer, St Albert). I am currently a student at CDI College. I will be done in September with my Network diploma. If you need a network tech. give me a call Big Grin . I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend Lynette, working on the computer and listening to music (The Hip, DMB, U2 just name a few).
My name is Sean, I am 28, my favorite color is green(lol) I am married with 2 young boys, Quinn and Colin. I am a Professional Firefighter in Buffalo, NY. My wife is Melissa, and her and I love the hip. My son Quinn is 4 and asked me one day, he said Daddy, what is the hundredth meridian, I said Quinn, "it is a place on earth, you'll learn about it in school, his response was, Oh, I thought it was where the great plains begin!!! Anyway, when not fighting fires, or coaching soccer or being a dad, I enjoy Hockey, Music, my computer, and of course my wife. Some of our favorite groups are, The Hip, BNL, David Gray, U2, DMB. Etc etc. Thats all. Big Grin
My name is Peter, I'm a stack tester (as in smoke stacks) and currently live in Halifax, NS, though I got my degree in Saskatchewan (U of S).

I love the hip just like the rest of you. :wink:
Im's Darren. I'm from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia but now live and work in Halifax, NS for the Halifax Regional Municipality as a GIS Tech (GIS = Geographic Information Systems) doing computer aided and digital mapping for government sectors, the Emergency 911 system and also for HRM civilians.

I've been a Hip fan for as long as I can remember. They are a true Canadian band whom I've been fortunate to see live 5 times so far and will be seeing more of in the year(s) to come. I hope to possibly get into recording (digital audio and/or video) more Hip concerts (no timeline set) but it's in the works.

Other interests are in no particular order, sports (all kinds), astronomy (nerd-like laugh inserted here), computer gaming, photography, birdwatching and enjoying the outdoors.

Some of my favourite groups to listen to are Hip, OLP, NIN, U2, The Police, various blues, jazz and even some classical. Just depends on the mood i'm in :o

If you're really bored you can check out my website. It's not updated as much as it should be but it's there and has some of my photography there.

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High 8)
Hey folks, just signed up. my name is greg and i live in fredericton nb......i actually go to babson college down in the boston area now.
Saw the hip and olp on the weekend in halifax, what a kickin show. just wanted to get my name out there cause i am going to be looking into getting some trades going...
let me know.
some favs are Pearl Jam, The Hip, OLP, DMB, U2
cheers folks!
Hi everybody. My Name is Stephen. I live In Oxford NS, for the summer, and Fredericton NB where I go to UNB, where I am going into the 2nd year of a Business Degree. I enjoy watching Hockey (Go Leafs Go) and a playing guitar. My favroite bands are The Hip, Pearl Jam, Weezer, Nirvana and the Dave Matthews Band.
Hello All,
My name is Jason. I'm a process engineer at a small plastic film manufacturer in Bloomer WI. I'm married without children

I’ve been a huge fan of the hip for a long time.

I'm actually going to the Minneapolis, First Avenue show in a couple of days, so I'm pretty excited about that.

Besides the Hip, I also enjoy listening to the Ass Ponies, The Clash, They Might be Giants, Bob Dylan, and a few others.

My interests are Drinking Beer, hunting, dropping an occasional line in a lake or two, and lounging.
Hello everybody,

My name is Pieter, i'm 29 years old and i'm from Sint Annaparochie in The Netherlands. The last few years i've been working in the insurance business, currently i'm starting my own callcentre with a friend. I saw The Hip play in Groningen in the early nineties, been a fan eversince. Can't wait to see and hear them in Amsterdam.
Hi all of you.
My name is Storm. I'm a 45 year old mom from the Netherlands. (btw, my last name is the dutch translation of Highland) I've got 3 sons and a husband. About a year ago my eldest son started playing music from the Counting Crows. I had to listen all day long. It was the start to enjoy music from (for me) unknown groups. Someone else (Beat) got me interested in the Hip and now I will see the Hip play for the first time in my life!! In Paradiso Amsterdam on the 6th of November....
Hi Storm, nice to see you here as well!Smile
Hello everyone. I am Tim McCarthy living in St. Louis, Missouri. Two children: Shannon (f) 4yr, Seamus (m) 2yr, 3rd child Kathleen expected to arrive Sept 21, Wife Michelle. Got lucky and saw July 16 Chicago show. 1st show Dec 98 StL. Other bands: CSN&Y, Pink Floyd, Beatles. Manage small company that manufactures "frisbee" golf discs and all things related disc golf. Trying to start collection of Hip shows, especially july 16 show, far and away favorite band. Appreciate any help getting started.
heyheyheyhey...I'm Kari. I'm 30, am a displaced Canadian living in Buffalo, NY now. I'm an administrator for a big company. I've been a Hipster since 1988 (no kidding, ask Gord Downie, who wrote on one of my 8x10 glossies "Kari's Hip Museum Since 1988"). I've met the band several times, and have seen them live 18 times (with 3 more upcoming shows this tour). I love gardening (my flowers and plants are my baby), travelling, hockey (Go Leafs Go), going to concerts, hanging with my chicas, and whatever else comes up. I am thinking of going back to college (for the third degree, because the two I have now just isn't enough, haha)...but time is of the essence these days with work and play. Glad to be part of thehipbase.

I'm Rob. Born and raised in New Jersey (insert joke here). I've been a Hip fan since my first year in college, back when New Orleans Is Sinking was a single!

I'm one of the few, the proud, the Hip fans that don't live near the Canadian border and is not from the Great White North. I've been lucky, seeing Das Hips 9 times so far, the biggest venue had a few thousand people (Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC), the smallest about 50 (Hard Rock Cafe, Atlantic City, NJ -- FREE SHOW!!!).

In one respect I'm lucky because I don't have to travel far to see The Hip up close in concert, but I'm also unlucky b/c there isn't anyone here that I can talk about the band with.

By the way, I'm a Rangers fan. I know I'll get flak for that but what the heck.

See you in the forum!
Hello. My name is Tom and I enjoy The Hip very much.Friday Aug 2 was my 15th Hip show but nowhere near the last. I look forward to being a part of this community of fans.I also enjoy VWs and other jam orientated bands.

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