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Hey there!
Just registered with the site today.

Growing up I never really liked the Hip, honestly it was Gord's voice that annoyed the hell outta me. Sometimes I felt like the only Canadian that didn't like them. As I have grown up their music has grown on me and I can really appreciate their music more then ever. At the moment I would call myself a casual fan, lately I have been listening to Morning Moon and Love is a first non stop since they first appeared on the site and I love both songs. I've got tickets to opening night in Kitchener and I can't wait. I find myself enjoying this band more and more. Just thought I'd share.
Glad you converted.
"We're forced to bed, but we're free to dream"
Right on! You won't regret it. You haven't experience the true Hip until you've seen them live! :thumb:
hey there, welcome to the board.
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Hi...just re-reged myself.. Big Grin

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