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From The Islander, now TLB
Hello everyone!

I need to get this weight off my chest for all the
guilt I feel. I have misled all fellow Hip fans that
frequent these forums. This is Nick The Islander from
the MAW tour, but my real name is Tony. Everything I
ever posted during the MAW tour was the truth, except
for my name. I decided to use Nick because it was my
dad's name and I made up the last name. I was very
naive having never been part of any online comunity or
group. Everyone everywhere was exceptionally trusting
and patient with me and I apologize to everyone and
hope I can re-establish any trust I had with fellow
Hip fans.

I've had many things happen to me in the last 2 years,
a few of which were never for the better. I can not
even begin to count the number of times I have been
back and forth between BC and Alberta for many life
events, good and bad, catching bits and pieces of Hip
news here and there. My brother tried his best to
keep up with the Henhouse, new boots and other stuff,
but he's not a Hip fan, so it wasn't a big priority
for him. I was able to come back to Vancouver for a
couple weeks in February and saw the Olympics and the
Hip's performance, which I ripped on my bro's computer
for the Burning Church. Through many phone calls,
I've been able to live and breath Hip for the last 6
months vicariously through my brother.

When I got back to Vancouver for the final time last
month, it was the same week as the Western Theatre
tour tickets went on sale, which I promptly picked up.
The week before, my last weekend in Alberta, I was
able to catch The Hip in Camrose at Stage 13. Once I
picked up all the Theatre tickets, my brother gave me
an early present: 2 tickets to The Hip in Seattle,
this Saturday, August 24, which is MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I
could not believe he held out these tickets on me as
long as he did, but I'm glad he bought them. This
will be the best birthday I will ever have.

My bio

Age: 26 on Saturday

Reside: Vancouver BC, by way of Prince George, BC (I
am PG's biggest Hip fan hands down!)

Total Hip boots: approx 260

First song heard: unknowingly, Long Time Running was
my grad song in 1994 (i'm such a dummy!), but my buddy
introduced me to Nautical Disaster, Spring 95, which I
proceeded to continually play over and over

First concert: ARA July 1995 Vancouver, which my buddy
convinced me to go to because I loved Nautical.

Total concerts: 11 (not including Gord solo-Calgary):
ARA/LBU (2), PP (2), MAW (6), IVL (1)

Most recent concert: Camrose 7/14/02

Next concert: Seattle 8/24/02

Hip meetings: Met Gord in Calgary July 21 2001, he
signed my Leafs Barilko jersey "Tony, The Lost
Barilko, Stay Kool, G Downie", got a pic with him too

Upcoming tour: have tickets for 1 Victoria show, 2
Vancouver shows, and Vernon.

Best Hip concert moment: TIE: meeting Gord in
Calgary & being in the Work Zone with my 5 best
friends, 2 of which are big Hip fans, Prince George,
Nov 2000.

To the people I've met online:

Rory: nothing ever happened with those other shows,
I'm very sorry, I was lucky to get you what I did.
The masters are in PG stored away in a friend's U-Stor
and I haven't been back there since Xmas 2000.

Gina: email me please. i've lost your email address
and as mentioned above, I'm coming down on Saturday.

Dana Berent/Peter Padjen: thanks for trading with me
during my hiatus, which of course you didn't know

Anyone who I never completed trades with during the
MAW tour: I am truly sorry. Circumstances beyond my
control took me out of the game at times, and I wasn't
truthful about that with anyone at the time. Fun took
a back seat to life.

So now I'm posting as The Lost Barilko, which I feel
much better with. I've been on Lance's Hipbase for
few weeks, and I'll post this to the Henhouse and

I never meant to offend anyone and I'm sorry if some
are still offended.

Tony The Lost Barilko
You're a tool buddy, I have no idea what you're talking about, and I don't care, but you're the same momo who tried to talk some shit with me saying that i probably had bigger problems..........well you sound like the sketched meat head now.......maybe a little thought process before you engage in a conversation is in your best interest.......fool :twisted:
obviously you have no idea what I'm talking about jeromio, beccause it wasn't meant for you (I forgot, you don't count), it was meant for everyone else, and all I did was change my name, nothing more, for simple anonimity. I've seen a couple of people go through the same thing on AMTH, and they eventually came clean with no worries. That's all I was trying to do.

I'll tell you one thing: I'd be pretty pissed if my parents named me 'jeromio'! what the heck is that? Don't tell me that's your real name. It's gotta be made up. That is just too ridiculous a name to have. I'd hate to go through school with that name. Your teenage years must have been shitty.

Since the MAW tour, I met alot of great people through other forums, not this forum, and it's unfortunate that you choose to deface Lance's new forum in that way. Maybe folks will now think twice about posting here with a loser like you running loose. Why the heck are you not on the Henhouse, or why don't you post on AMTH? I wanted to tell the truth to those people who were nice to me all along. It's people like you that I really feel like misleading, because soon enough you'll be gone like a fart in the wind.

If it doesn't concern you and you don't know anything about my posts as the Islander, why the f**k are you even commenting?? out of spite or what??

My thought processes are fine for conversation. This wasn't a conversation, it was an admittance, a 'coming out' of sorts. I wasn't asking for people to respond, I was simply explaining myself to those people I've met. I've never met you or traded with you, so WHAT THE HELL DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH YOU?

You stick out your pencil dick wherever you think it's neccessary.
Either grow up or jump off a bridge.

**LANCE: is his post harrassment or what? I thought we settled this bickering on some other topic last week. Are you the moderator of this forum or is it the Highlander?
hmmmmm...ever since jeromio came aboard, our little ship hasn't sailed the smoothest of waters...hmmmmmmm...

TLB, I know we haven't met or traded, but I read your post and I wouldn't be the least bit offended. Quite often people have 'stage names' while online, and for good reason. You don't want to always put your name 'out there' like that to complete strangers.

As far as I'm concerned TLB, no harm done.

Thanks kindly Kari
And Tracy Larson, thanks for the birthday wish!
What the hell are you people talking about?

p.s. My name is not sherpa, nor am i a sherpa....I do however really like the song sherpa which is why i picked the pseudonym sherpa....

wait a minute...does this mean there isn't someone named coolcatmissy, or thecompletist, or thehip11, or lance....?
Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.
sherpa Wrote:What the hell are you people talking about?

p.s. My name is not sherpa, nor am i a sherpa....I do however really like the song sherpa which is why i picked the pseudonym sherpa....

wait a minute...does this mean there isn't someone named coolcatmissy, or thecompletist, or thehip11, or lance....?

I'm sorry but...... thats too funny
We don't go to hell, but memories of jeronimo do.
thats my point
Hey TLB,

I don't know if you remember or not, but back during the evening with... tour I had some Prince George tickets that I couldn't use and I tried to get them to you in time for the show. Anyway, they never made it in time and I believe that you got to the show anyhow.

At the time I think you mentioned that you were taping a bunch of the shows in the area. I was just wondering if you taped the Kelowna show on that tour or if you know of a copy. I'd love to get my hands on it.


yeah it's me, sorry we never hooked up, it was a Sunday and everything in PG on a Sunday is closed, even Loomis. I went to the local Loomis guy who lives up the road from my folks, but he couldn't help me out with finding your tickets.
Kelowna was the only show I didn't go to. I had a direct flight to PG and I considered ditching that plan, driving to Kelowna, then onto PG, but the roads were way too icy!
I don't even think that Rory has that show. I think there was a dude who was taping Kelowna and Lethbridge, but I don't know if that ever panned out (he didn't return my emails back then).

Tony 8)
Thanks Tony,

I'll keep looking for it.

I did end up getting those tickets back through loomis, not that they were any good to me any more. Sad Oh well. It was a bad month for me not being able to make it to shows. I had to sell a couple tickets to the Pearl Jam show just before then down in Las Vegas cause I couldn't make it there either.

Thanks anyway. Have a good birthday down in seattle tomorrow.


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