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Canada Post Tragically Hip Framed Print
This is my first time posting sorry if I make any errors Wink
I'm sure you all remember when Canada Post released the stamps commemorating The Tragically Hip. They also released 750 of these framed photos that where distributed to various post offices thought Canada. My mom happened to get her hands on one and it made one hell of a Christmas gift. I was wondering what these would be valued at so I could list it on my house insurance (although I doubt it could be replaced). I don't rely on Ebay or Kijiji because just because someone is asking for a certain amount of money it doesn't mean it's worth that amount of money. My print is not for sale under any circumstance, it has a lot of sentimental value and like I said before I doubt it could ever be replaced.

[Image: F787xuw.jpg]
[Image: JmiN32h.jpg]
I have one of these as well but I really don't believe that they are worth that much. Probably around $150-$200 but there is always someone who will pay more for something they really want. Other opinions?
If anyone wants a copy of the Framed Stamp piece, let me know. Selling it for $200. Only pick up/meet up for people in the GTA.

Wasn’t sure where to post this but if anyone is looking for these stamps Canada post has them back in stock.

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