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2006-06-24 - Toronto, ON - Fort York
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I need 2 Kingston Tickets, please help.
Wow, just got home (as we got the best parking spot in the world.) Unbelievable show. I'm really stunned at how good it was. It seemed like the crowd was rowdy in the front and gord spoke to them a couple times, but where I was (probably about half way back) everyone was really cool.

As for the setlist... Holy

take a deep breath

38 Years Old.

I saw Paul pick up his acoustic, and I said to my friends, ok, something acoustic. I was thinking Bobcaygeon, or ABAC, maybe Wheat Kings. Then Gord says "This story is true, but it isn't true." and I couldn't believe it and simply said "holy shit." When was the last time this was played? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it might be back from when it was released! This was definately the highlight of the night.

I can't remember the full setlist, but I couldn't believe how many rare songs they played. Off the top of my head:
Don't Wake Daddy
Chagrin Falls
Something On
Greasy Jungle (awesome, just awesome)
Putting Down
The Wherewithal (also incredibly awesome)
We'll Go Too

Then we had two new songs The Drop Off, which rocked, and one called The Ocean which sounded quite cool.

The unbelievable setlist really made my night. Gord and the band were also really on fire. It seemed that Gord was having trouble with his earpiece all night, but it didn't put a damper. He was all over hte stage, jumping around, lying down, fighting the mic and ranting like crazy. Best line of the night was at the end after thanking everyone "and the Gardner, you just keep on being there." (correct me if I'm wrong on that quote.)

The Weakerthans and the Sadies also put on fine sets, and I didn't sense any negative reception or booing like some people claimed happened last night.

Overall, I'm blown away. This was only my third hip show, but it was by far the best. What a difference changing up the setlist makes. I mean, I love Poets, Bobcaygeon, NOIS, Grace, ABAC, and Fully (all songs regularly played but not heard tonight) but hearing other songs makes for a better show for the diehard fan.

Whew, that's all for now. And once again, holy crap 38 Years Old.
Just home from the show.

Setlist in order:

Don't Wake Daddy
Oceans (New Song)
Summer's Killing Us
It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken
Chagrin Falls
Nautical Disaster
It Can't Be Nashville Every Night
38 Years Old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Puttin Down
100th Meridian
Springtime in Vienna
No Threat
Blow at High Dough
Something On
The Wherewithal

The Drop Off
Greasy Jungle
We'll Go Too

Really good to meet all the hipbasers at the show and before at the Wheat Sheaf. Great hanging with you at the show gentoo (Keri). Send me some pictures when you get a chance.

One of the best shows I've ever seen. 38 Years Old was totally freaking amazing!! I'm still freaking shocked!!
I don't post in the reviews, but 38 Years Old!?!?!

Last time that was played was in 1993!

I need 2 Kingston Tickets, please help.
[Image: 2006-06-24-Toronto-Setlist.jpg]
mrlayance Wrote:I don't post in the reviews, but 38 Years Old!?!?!

Last time that was played was in 1993!

You have got to be freaking kidding me!!!
"We're forced to bed, but we're free to dream"
This show was amazing. 38 Years Old???? Never, ever, ever thought I would hear that. I was with thehip11 (Jamie) and we were stunned beyond belief when they started to play that. We were betting on Wheat Kings.

Holy crap.

Coming to these shows was a last second decision. Am I glad I decided to come. Hell yes.

38 Years Old!!!!!

Thanks Jamie and Holly for a fun night!
thehip11 Wrote:Just home from the show.
Oceans (New Song)
Another new one, screw the record company.
What was Oceans like??
"We're forced to bed, but we're free to dream"
The sound, the weather, most of the fans (Gord singled out a few who were crushing the girls near the front - "If you can't take care of them, what good are ya? You've all got a mother, don't you?"), the band, the lights, the friends, everything came together at this show for me. It was absolutely magical. When Gord introduced 38 Years Old I looked around at the fans and friends nearby and everyone was in a state of shock. My girlfriend, and Hip show virgin, was looking at me like I'd lost my mind as she had no idea about this song.

Wow! There were so many classic moments tonight. During the 100th Meridian jam, Gord came to the front of the stage and looked at the pit with disgust "Why don't you all channel your aggression into watching me dance!?!?" And then he danced. And I mean REALLY danced; danced like I'd never seen him before.

Tonight's show should certainly dispel any rumours or thoughts that The Hip are slowing down! Wow! That's all I can really say...
And Oceans is a definite single contender in my books... mid-tempo brooding sorta rocking ballad... How's that for an explanation that says nothing?
Okay...I didn't post a review from last night's show, but I have to say, tonight was amazing. I don't know if anyone has mentioned yet, but not 1 song was repeated from Friday's show....2 completely different setlists (granted I've had a few beers tonight, so my memory may be slightly muddy....)

38 Years Old was the highlight of the night! My jaw dropped when they started it up.

Springtime was great, Nautical was great, new songs sounded great.

Simply put, an amazing night. :thumb:

Edit: Even with my tickets lost in the mail, we still got in. My name was put on "the list", and when they screwed that up by announcing that I was on the list for the Friday show, I presented my confirmation email I had printed out, and she let us all in....phew...
Cant believe there is no Detroit area stop this summer....OMG 38 years Old... No way!

I like the idea of starting with a song such as "Daddy".....has such a cool intro, then gets kickin... I can only imagine how cool it was.

Great review Chris...

Jealous in Michigan
wow, what an awesome night, great to meet a bunch of you! (too many to name!)

38 years, i was NOT expecting that one at all, great surprise! I may post more when i'm not so tired, what a show!!
Here's my photoset from tonight's awesome show.

When my 1 year old wakes daddy in seven hours, I'll update my Hip page with a thorough review.

38 years old eh?

[Image: 2005-03-23---06.jpg]

cya everyone
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